Health Mentoring with Quinn

Recharge your Bioelectric Body - Revitalise your Life

Would you like support to restore your energy and calm inner stress so you can live with more vitality in your life?

Using the latest research into our cellular energy generators known as mitochondria, circadian biology, cell metabolism, hormone regulation, nutrition, light therapy and much more, Quinn is offering opportunities to collaborate.

  • Enjoy increased energy levels so you do the things you love
  • Optimise performance
  • Improve mood
  • Increase tissue regeneration
  • Burn excess body fat
  • Feel lighter and more optimistic
  • Lower inflammation and reduce pain

This two month health mentoring programme includes:

  • Pre-mentoring assessment review of shared information, so Quinn can start to understand your situation, commence relevant planning and research
  • Mentoring Agreement for clarity of expectation and peace of mind
  • FIVE mentoring sessions, via phone, zoom or in person (if practical)
  • First session - 2hrs - so we have adequate time for sharing, listening and understanding your past and current situation
  • Followed up with a comprehensive summary email of topics discussed to support understanding and initial action steps to implement - 4-5hrs
  • Second session - 1.5hr a week later - comprehensive feedback and clarifying getting your initial plan underway
  • Three (1.5hr) sessions every 10 -14 days - scheduled accordingly during the 2-months to make the best use of our time together
  • Email contact and support with Quinn in between sessions
  • Access to a dedicated private mentoring online portal with relevant supportive documents, reference guides and charts....
  • Suggestions for thoroughly researched products, equipment and resources
  • Knowledge, solution finding, teaching and advice specific to your situation so you feel more confident to make decisions and understand
  • Health testing and referrals (additional costs apply)
  • Session preparation and progress review with Quinn via email to make the most of each session
  • Post session summary, resources and next step support